2018 Clemson Postgame Hot Takes

2018 Clemson Postgame Hot Takes

To beat an elite team, you have to strike early and take advantage of any opportunities you get. Doing the opposite will get you blown out. FSU chose door #2, squandering every early chance they got to establish early momentum, and the results were predictable from there.

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  • Nick
    Posted at 10:28h, 28 October Reply

    Jason, Great explanation from a coaches point of view.Do you see a scenario because of deficiencies throughout most position groups on Football Team that Taggart would allow Walt bell to get more involved in play calling so Willie can focus more on the overall program or does ego come into play where its his offense and he won’t compromise even if it’s temporary?Lets face it it’s not like The Offense can get worse.I think there were 12 punts Yesterday. Because Special Teams and Alonzo Hampton are costing you potential wins that group fundamentally is just as bad now as they were week 1. also think if a Reciever is dropping passes sit the guy and plug in a backup show them they are replaceable?would love to see more T.Harrison.Just see a repeat scenario where Willie is loyal to his coaches or friends to where he will be reluctant to make changes.Jimbo did this as well.Saban seems to upgrade staff every year probably a bad comparison..Thanks why not ask coach Staples on these topics and how they work internally.would also like to subscribe to patron any info on that would be great.Go Noles!

  • Tim Jones
    Posted at 13:11h, 28 October Reply

    Listened to your review and while I don’t agree with your analysis of how FSU could stay in the game and keep it close and the premise that FSU D line held their own. I totally agree that the culture of FSU is now swirling the bowl. What would you do right now to shake things up. FSU quit in at halftime and some coaches (Tommy Bowden for example) never get over that. There are 4 weeks left with the opportunity to go bowling left in play. So how would you proceed? Thanks

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