NC State 19, Florida State 17 – Postgame Scorching Hot Takes

NC State 19, Florida State 17 – Postgame Scorching Hot Takes

Florida State found innovative new ways to shoot themselves in the foot and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in a game they mostly dominated at NC State. It was such a bad loss that we’re at a loss to say much comprehensible in the hot takes.

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  • Nicholas Saccoccio
    Posted at 09:38h, 09 October Reply

    Jason, Knowing you being a coach, and player,analyst and overall football guru. Can you explain particularly in the last two games where it seems the offense has been locked up. these coaching tendencies have showed up throughout his time in Tallahassee.The red zone offensive play calling has been very questionable at times for a coach on his level. Play calling decisions seem like they over think calls or basically out coach themselves.They also seem to call the same plays to often where it seems any coordinator under the sun can see on film what Novell is likely to call under certain situations? Furthermore that handoff draw up the middle for 2 yards that gets called 15 times a game seems to be throwing downs away when it’s not working. Sorry for the book just lost on some decisions.Thanks for any feedback Big fan ! Thanks for any future feedback.and I’m The Lane Kiffin for hire guy:) jk

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